Inclusion at DE

Inclusion at DE!

"Inclusion is an ongoing process, the purpose of which is to create an open and progress-oriented environment where each and every student takes an active part in their own education. The goal is that each child be seen, acknowledged and appreciated as a unique individual and thereby ensure their academic, personal and social development." 

(Copenhagen Municipality)

"Inclusive environments can be viewed as contexts, where everyone feels competent"
(Copenhagen Municipality)

- Inclusion sounds all well and good, and there is no reason to doubt that the governments concern about the quality of education is well founded. The number of young people with the social and academic skills needed to pursue a level of education beyond grammar school is in decline. The pronounced goal of the government is that 95% of children from any given birth year will finish some sort training or degree above the grammar school level.

Inclusion at Djurslands Efterskole

Djurslands Efterskole is a Christian school, founded by Nyt Liv - a revival movement affiliated with the State Church of Denmark. We believe that all people are unique, created by an infinitely loving God. At Djurslands Efterskole we strive to discover a nurture each individual child's potential - regardless of the child's personal beliefs - in a safe and loving environment. We desire to be a place of growth, were the high academic level inspires and challenges each student and is tailored to fit his or her individual needs.
An inclusive learning environment, where all the students view themselves as competent participators, is the measure of success at Djurslands Efterskole.

Special needs

All courses at Djurslands Efterskole are taught by a well trained, competent faculty, and are offered at different levels to match the individual needs of students. Tutoring is available in danish, math, english and danish as a second language.


Djurslands Efterskole is a coeducational institution that enrolls students at a 9th and 10th grade level.

Each year 10 spots are reserved for immigrants. There are no academic admission requirements, however each prospective student is subject to an admission interview.

Djurslands Efterskole has a facility dedicated to students with special needs and students who speak danish as a second language. The teachers who specialize in this portion of the student body have degrees in DSA and years of experience in the area of religion and culture. Among those who have attended Djurslands Efterskole in the past are students from Zambia, Congo, Rwanda, Nepal, Iran, Iraq and Syria whose religious backgrounds are as diverse as Muslim and Hindu and Christian.

Financial aid is available and all applications should be directed to Efterskoleforeningen. Students who speaks Danish as a second language are entitled to a extra tutoring every 4th period as well a extra mentoring and supervision. The dormitories are not co-ed and male and female students are not aloud access to each others living quarters. Vegetarian meal plans are available.

Under the custody of social services

Djurslands Efterskole is qualified by the municipality of Norddjurs to accept students who are under the custody of social services including unaccompanied refugees under the age of 18. Please contact Bent Molbech Pedersen bm [at] with any questions you may have.

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